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Join us on October 6-7th, 2024 as we celebrate the power of diversity and inclusion within the food and agriculture sector. Set against the backdrop of the Intercontinental, Chicago you’ll uncover how these essential values, combined with innovation, are revolutionizing your industry.

Through dynamic panels, inspiring speakers, and interactive sessions, our attendees delve into key issues facing the agri-food supply chain and empower attendees to drive meaningful progress within their organizations and communities.

Whether you’re a seasoned industry leader, a rising professional, or an enthusiastic student, WFA: Chicago offers unparalleled opportunities to network, learn, and collaborate. From thought-provoking discussions on a sustainable workforce to practical workshops on leadership and career development, there’s something for everyone at this WFA.

Let’s come together to champion diversity, foster innovation, and build a more inclusive future for the food and agriculture sector. Together, we are a force for change.

General Admission

$ 699
  • Everyone from Senior Business Leaders to Students will find inspiration, education, and networking opportunities at WFA.

GPS Attendees

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WFA Mentors / Mentees

  • Eligible participants of our Mentorship Program, both mentors and mentees, are invited to attend WFA 2024 at no cost.


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2024 Agenda

Pre Event Activities – Sunday October 6 2024

6.00pm – 8.00pm

Opening Night Cocktail Party

Kick off the Summit in style: meet your fellow attendees, speakers and the event’s organisers. This is the ideal way to make early connections and get the most out of the rest of the Summit ahead of the following day.


Monday October 7 2024







Overcoming Adversity – Stories from an Inspirational Leader in Food and Ag

In this thought-provoking speech, hear from a leader from the food and agriculture sector on challenges they have overcome and what they have learnt over their career. Gain learnings in this inspirational presentation to implement in your own life and career.

Speaker to be confirmed


Strategies to Better Communicate, Persuade and Story Tell

·       The art of storytelling and how effective communication can influence perceptions and drive positive change in food and agriculture

·       Understanding which communication style to apply to different situations

·       How to negotiate effectively

·       How to become more persuasive

·       Communication in challenging and conflict situations




LEADERSHIP COACHING: How to be an Effective Female Leader in Food and Agriculture

·       Progressing your career in a man’s world

·       The challenges faced by women moving into more senior positions.  

·       Maintaining authenticity during difficult situations

·       Leadership in turbulent times

·       Different leadership styles- which approaches are effective in different scenarios


CASE STUDY PANEL: How to Ensure Truly Inclusive Leadership

·       Best practice examples of inclusive leadership in the food and agriculture sector

·       How to convince senior executives that diversity, equality and inclusion is worth investing in

·       How to create the next pipeline of female leaders. 

·       Effective mentorship – how to best support and champion women in the workplace



2.15 pm


Join one of our interactive workshop sessions for a discussion on a topic of interest that will develop your skills and career. Learn from other food and agriculture professionals around you and share your views and experiences while networking and meeting new people.

Attendees will choose one of the following:

·       How to build connections and network effectively

·       How to improve your confidence

·       How to develop your executive presence and personal brand

·       How to have difficult conversations successfully




 PANEL DISCUSSION: The Evolving Landscape of Work and How we Adapt to This

·       Anticipated changes in the future of work for the food and agriculture sector

·       How the idea of the ‘workplace’ will change over the coming years

·       What the next generations want from their jobs and careers

·       Taking on board the perspectives of different generations in the workplace 

·       How we best support an aging workforce

·       Preparing yourself and your business for what the working world becomes


Becoming More Resilient and Bouncing Back from Adversity

·       The challenges we face as women in the workforce and how resilience can help us to overcome them

·       Where resilience comes from

·       Improving resilience building – how we bounce back



Who's attending WFA: Chicago?

At WFA: Chicago, we are welcoming a diverse community of individuals who are passionate about driving positive change within the food and agriculture sector. Our event is designed to bring together people from all corners of the industry, representing a wide range of roles and expertise.

Senior Business Leaders

Visionaries and decision-makers who are leading the way in shaping the future of food and agriculture. From CEOs to directors, this group sets the strategic direction for their organizations and drives innovation in the industry.

Mentors and Mentees

Participants in our Mentorship Program, which pairs experienced professionals with emerging talent in the industry. Mentors provide guidance, support, and encouragement to mentees as they navigate their careers and strive for excellence.

HR Professionals

Human resources professionals who are committed to fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces within the food and agriculture sector. They work tirelessly to attract, develop, and retain talent, ensuring that organizations have the skills and expertise they need to thrive.

Procurement Professionals

Experts responsible for sourcing and purchasing raw materials, ingredients, and equipment for food and agriculture businesses. They play a critical role in ensuring the quality, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness of the products and services that companies rely on.

Sales Representatives

Professionals tasked with promoting and selling products, services, and solutions to customers within the food and agriculture sector. They build relationships, identify opportunities, and drive revenue growth through effective sales strategies and tactics.

Supply Chain Managers

Leaders responsible for overseeing the end-to-end supply chain process, from sourcing and procurement to production, distribution, and delivery. They optimize logistics, mitigate risks, and enhance efficiency to ensure that products reach consumers safely, reliably, and sustainably.

Marketing Specialists

Individuals responsible for developing and executing marketing campaigns, branding strategies, and promotional activities for food and agriculture products and services. They leverage market insights, consumer trends, and digital platforms to engage audiences and drive brand awareness and loyalty.


The next generation of leaders, innovators, and change-makers in food and agriculture. We welcome students from universities and educational institutions who are eager to learn, connect, and explore career opportunities in the industry.

Anyone with a passion for food and agriculture and a desire to make a difference is welcome!

Our 2024 Venue

Photo of Hotel Venue
Located on Michigan Avenue’s iconic Magnificent Mile, The InterContinental Chicago sits at the heart of downtown Chicago, placing you at the center of the city’s vibrant energy and excitement.
📍 505 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, United States