The WFA Digital Festival is back

AgriBriefing’s Women in Food and Agriculture initiative is delighted to announce dates for the WFA Digital Festival for the third year running. The digital only event will take place throughout the whole week, starting on 28th November and ending 2nd December 2022. The WFA Digital Festival will offer the audience an unprecedented opportunity to upgrade personal skills, leadership abilities, technical knowledge and sustainability practices at the biggest food and ag training event of the year.  All whilst connecting with an engaged community across the agribusiness supply chain and celebrate the achievements of those who are the backbone of the world’s food systems.  

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The Great Resignation: Exploring its impact on the food and ag industry today

‘The Great Resignation’ continues to raise key questions amongst food and ag employers today. This article explores its origins and the impact on the industry.

Open dialogue and collaboration provide a place for “diverse experiences and knowledge to meet,” says Mercedes Vázquez-Añón

Mercedes Vázquez-Añón shares the motivations behind her career in food & ag, what it takes to manage effectively and more valuable insights.

Who is involved in the WFA Mentorship Program 2022?

Take a look at our infographic for a deeper insight into who is involved in the WFA Mentorship Program supported by Alltech.

The Queer Farmers Tackling Stereotypes in American Agriculture

Learn abut the queer farmers bringing the LGBTQ+ community and allies together in rural and agricultural spaces.

Highlighting Women in Agriculture Across Northumberland and the Scottish Borders

Award-winning documentary photographer Joanne Coates has put together an inspiring photo exhibition featuring portraits of female farmers in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.

Nadine Kuester Addresses the Biggest Challenges Facing Women at an Executive Level in Food and Ag – Podcast S3,EP5

Listen to this episode of the Women in Food and Agriculture Podcast for an in-depth conversation with Nadine Kuester, the General Secretary of Germany, Austria and Switzerland for Danone.

Sandy Hansen-Wolff on What it Takes to Become an Entrepreneur in Food and Ag Today – Podcast S3,Ep4

This episode of the Women in Food and Agriculture Podcast features Sandy Hansen-Wolff Former, Founder and Owner of AgVenture Feed & Seed, who will be speaking at the WFA Summit in June.

Marco Issenmann on new technologies in agriculture and five ways diversity will enhance your business

In this interview, Marco Issenmann, the Global Head Digital Marketing at Syngenta shared his thoughts on advances in agtech that are disrupting the sector and five key ways diversity will benefit your business.

VIDEO – What Can Women in Food and Agriculture Do For You?

Keen to learn more about WFA? Watch our new video to learn about our mission to be a force for change in food and ag and gain an insight to our content, resources and ongoing projects.

From boards to senior leadership and operations, “DEI is key for every business to succeed”, says Sodexo’s CEO for Corporate Services Segment Worldwide, Sunil Nayak

Sunil Nayak, the CEO for Corporate Services Segment Worldwide at Sodexo explores the importance of DEI in executive leadership.

WFA WEBINAR – How To Be An Inclusive Leader

What does it take to be an inclusive leader today? Join us to discuss this topic during our next interactive webinar including key industry stakeholders from BASF SE and The Better Meat Co.

Iryna Tytarchuk on the importance of the ‘Help Women Agro in Ukraine’ initiative developing women-led SMEs

Iryna Tytarchuk, the Executive Director at Ukraine Investment & Trade Facilitation Center (ITFC) shares how the ‘Help Women Agro in Ukraine’ initiative is helping to restore women-led SMEs in the country.

WFA Survey

Women in Food and Agriculture is back with our industry-wide survey to gather real-world insights into the professional landscape for women in food and ag. 

Inclusion and diversity in the workforce are essential in shaping a sustainable future. Previous survey results indicate there is a lot to be positive about when considering gender diversity. Now, approaching 2 years of a world consumed by the pandemic, we want to know if this has impacted gender equality? Has our work/life balance been affected? Is the increased focus on DEI programs making a difference? Get involved and help us find out!  

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