The WFA Digital Festival is back

AgriBriefing’s Women in Food and Agriculture initiative is delighted to announce dates for the WFA Digital Festival for the third year running. The digital only event will take place throughout the whole week, starting on 28th November and ending 2nd December 2022. The WFA Digital Festival will offer the audience an unprecedented opportunity to upgrade personal skills, leadership abilities, technical knowledge and sustainability practices at the biggest food and ag training event of the year.  All whilst connecting with an engaged community across the agribusiness supply chain and celebrate the achievements of those who are the backbone of the world’s food systems.  

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It’s All About Your Team: Leadership Lessons with Bunge’s Eugenia Zorila 

Ms Zorila’s ascent to occupying one of Bunge’s top positions has given her great insight into what it takes to be a good leader and how to create teams that can deliver. What’s her secret?

Being a Working Mom in Leadership – Cargill’s Amelie Mainville Shares Her Career Story

In this episode of the Women in Food and Agriculture Podcast we sit down with Amelie Mainville, Nutrition & Tech Services Director at Cargill to chat about her experience as a working mom in leadership.

Reshaping the Industry’s Image with Danone’s Nadine Küster

To find out more about how Danone is doing its part to reshape and rehabilitate the industry’s image, WFA chatted to Nadine Küster, the company’s General Secretary for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Ms Küster

Syngenta executive’s advice on how to build effective collaborations in the food and ag sector

At WFA we share the career stories of senior women in the industry to gain useful advice and showcase different career paths. Andreea Popa has had a diverse career in her 15 years at Syngenta, a leading agriculture company.

4 Powerful Ideas to Promote Women in the Agriculture and Food Industry

To educate and motivate others and raise awareness about diversity and inclusion across the organization, global agribusiness and food company Bunge regularly arranges employee live chat sessions to hear about colleagues’ views and personal experiences.

WFA Webinar | How to Take Your Networking Skills to the Next Level

Missed our latest webinar? By popular demand, we shared it on YouTube!

Why Cargill Have Publicly Released Their DEI Goals and How They Are Working to Achieve Them

In cases where goals are shared, projects and initiatives must be implemented to ensure they are met. Cargill is one of the largest players in food and agriculture and early 2021 chose to introduce a new strategy for DEI focused on the three key goals.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: ADM’s Plan for Gender Parity

As ADM’s Human Resources VP for Latin America and DE&I Global Lead, Ana Apolaro, recently shared with us, the gender gap is almost non-existent for entry level positions but begins to grow around the middle manager level.

The Great Resignation: Exploring its impact on the food and ag industry today

‘The Great Resignation’ continues to raise key questions amongst food and ag employers today. This article explores its origins and the impact on the industry.

Open dialogue and collaboration provide a place for “diverse experiences and knowledge to meet,” says Mercedes Vázquez-Añón

Mercedes Vázquez-Añón shares the motivations behind her career in food & ag, what it takes to manage effectively and more valuable insights.

Who is involved in the WFA Mentorship Program 2022?

Take a look at our infographic for a deeper insight into who is involved in the WFA Mentorship Program supported by Alltech.

The Queer Farmers Tackling Stereotypes in American Agriculture

Learn abut the queer farmers bringing the LGBTQ+ community and allies together in rural and agricultural spaces.

WFA Survey

Women in Food and Agriculture is back with our industry-wide survey to gather real-world insights into the professional landscape for women in food and ag. 

Inclusion and diversity in the workforce are essential in shaping a sustainable future. Previous survey results indicate there is a lot to be positive about when considering gender diversity. Now, approaching 2 years of a world consumed by the pandemic, we want to know if this has impacted gender equality? Has our work/life balance been affected? Is the increased focus on DEI programs making a difference? Get involved and help us find out!  

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