WFA Survey

Our industry-wide survey is back! Gain real-world insights into the food and ag industry to benchmark your current situation and gain knowledge that can benefit your future business decisions.

Is your work/life balance affected by the new hybrid work model? What impact has the pandemic had on gender equality in the workplace? Are you looking to measure the success of your organisation’s D&I policies against others? Do you feel like the increased focus on DEI programs is making a difference to the industry and your own professional life? Share your experiences in our industry-wide survey!

Why should I complete the survey?

Inclusion and diversity in the workforce are essential in shaping a sustainable future. Even though the food and ag industry is evolving, there is still more work to be done. This is why we want to hear your experiences and opinions on the pressing questions facing our industry today.

By taking part in the WFA Survey, you are helping to lead the charge on progress in the sector that can positively impact future generations and participating in accurate data-building used by the sector’s leaders to make concrete corporate decisions. You will also have access to statistics that will allow you to benchmark your company and make more informed decisions to improve your own workplace culture.

Who should complete the survey?

We’re encouraging men and women across the agrifood industry to get involved, help us gather accurate data and help us track how the industry is changing year on year!  

The WFA survey is open to people of all genders, ages and levels of experience across the global food supply chain. Sign up to our newsletter once you have submitted your responses anonymously to receive the report on gender equality which will be published after the survey closes in July.

Previous Survey Results

In 2020, the survey, organised in partnership with Alltech, brought together more opinions than ever with over 3200 participants from over 80 countries taking part.
The aims of the survey were to gain insight into the food and agriculture sector’s perceptions of gender diversity but also to learn how the industry had changed over the last 12 months.
The survey results indicate there is a lot to be positive about when considering gender diversity in food and ag. However, the findings do also show differences in the opinions of men and women in our industry when it comes to gender diversity and highlight overall areas for improvement.
Diversity & Inclusion Policies: While only 39% of women knew of their company’s diversity and inclusion policy in 2019, in 2020 45% of our respondents confirmed their companies had D&I policies.
A Family Affair: According to our 2020 survey, 53% of farmers entered into the industry via their family’s business.
Corporate Support: Over 60% of women and 70% of men agreed that their organisation is supportive of women with added responsibilities (e.g. raising children) according to our 2020 survey.
Personal Support: The lack of mentors and female role models is consistently reported as a significant barrier women face in the industry.
Maternity Leave: According to our 2020 survey, the UK has the highest average number of paid maternity days (171), followed by the rest of Europe (152), ahead of North America (98).
Equal Pay: Only about 50% of women, compared to 82% of men, believe that they are compensated equally for similar roles in their organisation.

Access our 2020 survey findings report: