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Ideas to put D&I at the heart of your business with Alltech

In this Women in Food and Agriculture video we speak to Bianca Martins, General Manager of Alltech Mexico about some of the initiatives she has been inspired to implement and get involved in to boost diversity and inclusion across her business.

1.33 – Why did you decide to take the lead in a number of diversity and inclusion projects within Alltech? How did it all start?

4.30 – Can you tell us about your mentorship scheme you put in place. How did it begin? What did you learn from this experience?

7.00 – So what did you decide to implement next using what you had learnt from the mentorship scheme?

8.51 – Tell me about the role that male allies have played in supporting gender diversity within Alltech. How did you develop D&I projects where there was no resentment or accusations of favouritism?

13.31 – What have you learnt from implementing these projects? What impact have they had on your business?

15.13 – What advice would you offer to others looking to develop some internal programmes to boost diversity and inclusion in their organisations?

19.21 – What is next for Alltech to further boost diversity and inclusion across the company?


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