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Share your Women in Food & Agriculture Experience by Gifting a Free Ticket

At WFA we view our Digital Festival as an opportunity to reach people who wouldn’t normally be able to attend our show!

Running an online event of this size takes a huge amount of time, money and dedication, so we still have to charge a modest fee to attend. However we understand that even that is too much for some people.

Do you know a customer, a supplier, a farmer or a student who you think would enjoy this content and gain value from the networking sessions? This week we’re offering you the chance to gift a ticket to someone who could not or would not buy their own ticket.

  • We’ll match any ticket purchased with a free ticket for someone who needs it
  • The tickets cannot be for colleagues / people in your company
  • If the person you nominate already has a ticket, we’ll offer them the opportunity to pass the ticket on to someone else
  • Please nominate someone who will benefit from the opportunity to connect with our community

Whether it’s due to geography, corporate policy or simply money, we know lots of people wanted to join us in Amsterdam last year but couldn’t. We also know how much the community benefits from hearing from new people with different ideas and perspectives.

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