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WFA Webinar | How to Take Your Networking Skills to the Next Level

What can you do to excel at networking in the food and ag industry?


Check out the recording from our Women in Food and Agriculture (WFA) webinar held in September 2022, which provided the tips and tricks to improve your networking skills to strengthen your online presence and maximise your experiences at in-person events.


The thought-provoking panel of speakers were:

• Ebony Webber, Chief Operations Officer, MANRRS (Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences)

• Molly Strader Fruit, Corporate Controller and Chairwoman, NA Women’s ERG, ADM

• Kathleen Offman Mathisen, Chief Human Resource Officer and HSE/Internal Communication, Grieg Seafood

• Jane Gauthier, Talent Acquisition Recruitment Process Team Leader and HR lead for Women in Operations, Cargill


Areas discussed included:

· The different forms of networking

· Tips and advice on how to improve in person and online networking

· Strategies to make the most of conversations with new contacts

· How businesses can ensure employees are given the skills and opportunities to network effectively


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