It’s All About Your Team: Leadership Lessons with Bunge’s Eugenia Zorila 

As Bunge’s current Vice President of Industrial Operations, Eugenia Zorila is one of the agribusiness and food giant’s top female executives and one of its key decision makers. She also finds herself in the unique position of being in charge of an area of the business that is very male dominated and is committed to […]

Reshaping the Industry’s Image with Danone’s Nadine Küster

17 November, 2022 The food and ag sectors have a unique image problem on their hands. Not only are they vital to answering the question of how we are going to feed a rapidly growing global population without putting more pressure on the Earth’s already strained resources, but they are often painted as being environmentally […]

4 Powerful Ideas to Promote Women in the Agriculture and Food Industry

11 November, 2022 Four of Bunge’s top female leaders share their views on empowering women and improving gender diversity. To educate and motivate others and raise awareness about diversity and inclusion across the organization, global agribusiness and food company Bunge regularly arranges employee live chat sessions to hear about colleagues’ views and personal experiences. In […]

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: ADM’s Plan for Gender Parity

18 October 2022 Interview with Ana Apolaro, VP of HR, ADM It is no secret that the higher and higher up the corporate ladder we look, the less and less women we begin to see. In fact, as ADM’s Human Resources VP for Latin America and DE&I Global Lead, Ana Apolaro, recently shared with us, […]

The WFA Digital Festival is back

AgriBriefing’s Women in Food and Agriculture initiative is delighted to announce dates for the WFA Digital Festival for the third year running. The digital only event will take place throughout the whole week, starting on 28th November and ending 2nd December 2022.   The WFA Digital Festival will offer the audience an unprecedented opportunity to upgrade […]

The Great Resignation: Exploring its impact on the food and ag industry today

‘The Great Resignation’ a term coined by Professor Anthony Klotz is the global phenomenon that has seen high percentages of employees leaving their jobs since 2021. This phenomenon is known to be motivated by several factors among people of different cultural backgrounds. These factors include: a demand for more flexibility at work, the decision to […]

Open dialogue and collaboration provide a place for “diverse experiences and knowledge to meet,” says Mercedes Vázquez-Añón

Nurturing talent in the food and ag industry and helping staff to reach their full potential is a top priority for Mercedes Vázquez-Añón, Ph.D., the Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives and Account Collaboration at Novus International. Formed in 1991, Novus International is a US-based global feed additive company that provides solutions to positively impact animal […]

Who is involved in the WFA Mentorship Program 2022?

The WFA Mentorship Program supported by Alltech includes mentees and mentors from various aspects of the agri-food industry specialising in Animal Feed Production, Crop Sciences, Machinery, Food Processing, Livestock Farming and much more. Bringing together a range of diverse backgrounds, our mentorship pairings also offer enriching experiences, networking opportunities, coaching experience and career advice to […]