WFA Webinar | How to Take Your Networking Skills to the Next Level

What can you do to excel at networking in the food and ag industry?   Check out the recording from our Women in Food and Agriculture (WFA) webinar held in September 2022, which provided the tips and tricks to improve your networking skills to strengthen your online presence and maximise your experiences at in-person events. […]

VIDEO – What Can Women in Food and Agriculture Do For You?

Keen to learn more about our core mission to be a force for change in food and ag? Our new video gives you a deeper insight into how we are striving for positive global change towards equality, diversity and a more sustainable future for the global food and ag industry. Hear from the team at […]

WFA WEBINAR – How To Be An Inclusive Leader

What does it take to be an inclusive leader today and how has the view of a leader changed over time? Putting diversity and inclusion into practice should be at the centre of every organisation as it has been proven to improve business performance. So, how can we ensure this starts with leadership and results […]

WFA Webinar | Boosting Women’s Careers In Food and Agriculture

Missed our latest webinar? By popular demand, we shared it on YouTube! Dive right in and learn more about how to boost your career and support the women around you. From top tips on how to build a personal brand to tackling unconscious bias and the importance of allyship, watch our “Boosting Women’s Careers” webinar […]

Smarter Working: The Evolution and Future of the Workplace of the Workplace

In this webinar we discussed how new working practices may positively, and negatively, impact employees, businesses and diversity in the workplace. This webinar will bring together representatives from ADM, Novus and DSM to discuss a number of issues including: – How the notion of the ‘workplace’ has changed since the start of the pandemic – […]

Ideas to put D&I at the heart of your business with Alltech

In this Women in Food and Agriculture video we speak to Bianca Martins, General Manager of Alltech Mexico about some of the initiatives she has been inspired to implement and get involved in to boost diversity and inclusion across her business. 1.33 – Why did you decide to take the lead in a number of […]

Building greater resilience and sustainability into food and farming supply chains will be ‘sped up’ as the industry recovers from the coronavirus pandemic

While global supply chains succeeded in keeping food on the shelves during the Covid-19 crisis, which claimed large numbers of businesses in other industries, agribusiness leaders said it was far from ‘business as usual’. Dr Mark Lyons, president and chief executive officer of Alltech, said keeping operational had been a critical element for businesses and […]